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PSCC Culinary Arts Programme

Between 2016 and 2018, The Pit Stop Community Cafe ran an intensive Culinary Apprenticeship Program for underprivileged youths between 16 and 35 years old.

Participants in the program included youths from marginalised communities as well as homes classified as urban poor or B40.

Street Food



As part of our efforts to remain self sustainable, the Pit Stop Community Cafe introduced a catering service which included in-house dining, self-pick up and delivery.

However, this service is currently on hold. 

Dinner Service

For the last six years, the Pit Stop Community Cafe (PSCC) had served Dinner almost every day at 5pm. But the recent Covid 19 Pandemic and subsequent lockdowns took a terrible toll on all of us.

We have changed our modus operadi from a community café with full fledged services to a meals distribution facility in 2021.

One thing that remained constant on our minds - how to we give dignity to the very people who are marginalised and therefore invisible to many?

So once again, PSCC will morph with the changing times and needs. We will fully switch all our meals distribution to Lunch Service as of Malaysia Day 2022.

Helping Hands
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