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Every day, Malaysia wastes up to 17,000 tonnes of food, including 4050 tonnes (or the equivalent to 7 Olympic-sized pools) that is still fit for human consumption, according to a 2022 study by Solid Waste Corporation of Malaysia (SWCorp).

Still edible raw vegetables, fruits and rice as well as canned and/or processed goods across the food chain now filled up our landsfills and pollute our ground and water when they can be use to combat urban hunger and minimise waste.



Our Lunch Service is the heart and soul of the Pit Stop Community Café.

Following our pledge to minimise food waste and yet still cater to the food needs of the community, as of Malaysia Day 2022, PSCC will be switching our remaining dinner services to lunch for all four days.

We will serve 100 packed lunches to hungry people in the Bangkok Bank area. Another 50 packed lunches will be shared with our Street Clients at the nearby the transit center, Anjung Singgah or any of our distribution partners.

As such, our volunteering times will switch once more. To learn more, please use the following navigational buttons below:



The Pit Stop Community Cafe never truly rests. Here are some of the past activities and programs we have conducted over the years.

Homemade Cookies
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