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The PSCC Culinary Arts Program


WHERE: Four Points, Sheraton - 1201, Tower 3,Puchong Financial Corporate Centre (PFCC), 47100 Puchong, Selangor

The Pit Stop Community Cafe has an intensive Culinary Program for underprivileged youths between 16 and 39 years old.

Those who qualify will include youths from marginalised communities and homes classified as urban poor. 

These youths are given intensive skills training in the kitchen and upon completion of the training, internships and job placements in some of the most notable cafes and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, enabling them to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Depending on the length of time of training, each student's training - which includes food and accommodation - can cost between RM9,000 to RM30,000. 

The program syllabus is customised to each student, taking into account their weaknesses such as lack of English skills, math lessons, basic financial management, as well as culinary-based lessons ranging from basic knife skills to baking classes to training in different cuisines.

Counselling is mandatory under this program as we find that youths from certain marginalised backgrounds suffer from traumas that may sometimes hamper or prevent them from becoming functional, productive adults.  

All costs - including food, accommodation, uniforms, training materials, transportation and a daily stipend - are borne by the Pit Stop.

Upon completion of the course, they will intern for at least two months at a notable restaurant in KL, after which they will return to the Pit Stop for evaluation and - if found ready - job placement.

Depending on the training period, which ranges from one to nine months, the cost for each student ranges from RM9,000 to RM40,000.

Baking Demo

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Cooking Test

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