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We understand that potential food suppliers/producers have three main questions on their mind before they sign up with us:

  • Is this a safe means of disposal?

  • Will it cost me to donate this food?

  • Am I allowed to donate food to this Social Enterprise?

We like to make things as simple as possible.

It won’t cost your company anything. PSCC can help create bespoke cost-neutral solutions when it comes to redistributing food. The team can also offer guidance and innovative solutions. 

Yes, we are a Social Enterprise. We are registered under Malaysia's Registrar of Companies and submit our audited accounts as per local laws. That means we are responsible for all of our actions and business decisions.

So we do understand your business concerns while dealing with your various challenges, opportunities, shareholders and stakeholders. We get you.

So please have your product managers or legal teams talk to us and we will help you get the ball rolling on how you can redistribute your surplus food with peace of mind.

Canned Food

The PSCC team been rescuing and redistributing food since our inception in 2016.

We understand that it is not just about food safety, but also BRAND safety. We understand the resources that have been invested into your products and brands and will work with you to safeguard and enhance your brand and corporate reputation

The key to successful food redistribution is service. It needs to be easy and efficient.

Even if we do not use the food ourselves, PSCC work with you to channel your products to those in need. We believe that it is crucial to support industry while helping the hungry. 

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